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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The fair was in town last week. Thank goodness its gone! I couldn't afford for it to stay around any longer.

Babygirl has been on the "pet" kick for a few months now. She wanted a puppy and a baby bunny. Well... at the fair her daddy gets the bright idea to try to win her a bunny.. are you kidding me?????????? No such luck, I breathed a sigh of relief and she had a broken little heart. She runs to Grandma who's restaurant runs a booth at the fair.. what does Grandma do? She buys a rabbit! But we can't take it home because its in the rabbit show.. will have to pick it up on Saturday.

So... that's that. In the meantime, babygirl goes to the fair again with her little friend on Thursday. What happens? She wins a rabbit... all by herself! (want to hear the crazy part? her friend does too!!!).

So there you are... what do we have.. not one but TWO rabbits. I'm trying to adjust and learn the creatures. I have no idea what to do with the guys...

Yes, don't worry. I won't be running a bunny farm anytime soon, they are males!


Blogger Rina said...

ROFL!! Are you sure?? Have fun! You can actually litter train them so clean will be easier.

10:22 PM

Blogger Angela said...

I had a pet rabbit in college that was supposedly litter box trained...not so much though. Oy, what a mess!

10:00 PM

Anonymous Mrs. Fun said...

That is crazy!! I would kill them, not on purpose but still..
i suck with pets. good luck with them. do we get to see any photos?

9:42 PM

Blogger Kari said...

So we are down to one. There was no possible way I was keeping both! I mean lets face it .. I'm taking care of it.

I'm going to try to do one big update picture post soon!

9:52 PM

Blogger Kari said...

and he's using the litter box! yahoo!
but that doesn't mean its coming inside.. it lives on the back porch!

9:53 PM


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