God Bless his sweet heart!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


She's moving her way down.

I have a love/hate relationship with the "lightening" stage. I love I can breathe again, but I hate the waddle!

(Edit: yea the jabs to the cervix are always enough to wake you up!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Special moments


A big sister's love

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Oh the joys of a sleep deprived, hormonal, pregnant woman.

Oh boy do I need some sleep.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Long week(s)!

It's been a long time since I just wanted to curl up and cry and last week certainly made me want to do that.

The sick babygirl turned into babygirl with a UTI. That equals misery just in case you've never experienced it with your child. On Wednesday we picked up hubby from work and headed to the doctor with her. It was awful. She wasn't letting any urine out for a sample so after about an hour and nearing closing time they decided to try to cath her. I don't really know what I was thinking when I actually let them try that. AWFUL. I have never heard her cry that way before or ever seen such desperation to be in my arms than that moment. On top of it all, they were unsuccessful. Let me tell you - I will never let them try that again unless the situation is an emergency. It broke my heart in half and then I felt such guilt for even allowing them to try. We went home and I collected a sample to return the next day. Somehow it ended up being no good and we had to sit for 4 hours until she finally gave in and they got a sample which confirmed what I already knew... a raging UTI. Poor baby.

We started antibiotics right away which she put up a major fight with every dose for the first 3 days. We tried EVERYTHING. I mean everything. She spit them out, threw them up - you name it. I might mention hubby was out of town so I was stuck with all of this alone. By Sunday, I was a raging, hormonal preggo, exhausted mom. If one more person told me to put it in her drink or just "hold her down" I was going to run over them with my car. (Okay, not really but seriously...).

Hubby got home on Monday after she and I had spent another long day at the Dr.'s waiting on a urine sample. I was never so happy to see him. She also has taken every dose with no fight at all since his return. That figures, right? Can we say daddy's girl? I'm just glad because her urine was still growing out bacteria on Monday and if not she would have been starting 3 days worth of shots which I knew wouldn't be good for her new fear of the doctor nor for my sanity!

I think we're on the mend. I've been absolutely exhausted. I don't know that I've ever felt the urge to just lie on the couch and do nothing as much as I do right now. Phew.

By the time I get her back on track - little bit will be just about to arrive.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long weekend, sick toddler and pregnancy updates

I'm exhausted. This is all catching up with me right at this very moment. I haven't drank much coffee this pregnancy other than my occasionaly frap from 'Starbucks' but I may have to cave today.

The weekend was good. Hubby had to work for most of it but we still had some fun. On Saturday, Babygirl and I spent the day at my Aunt's lake place and she enjoyed her first rides on the big boat. Who am I kidding - she LOVED it. Sunday we actually had the day with daddy so we slept in, skipped church, goofed around and ended our evening at a friends house for a cookout. We had to leave the fun, though, around 9pm because babygirl started running a fever and hubby had to work Monday morning. On Monday we actually had a break from the rain and were able to lounge in the pool - Babygirl on the couch with her blanket.

Her fever has continued on and off. Possibly from her last two year old molars about to come through but I'm not entirely convinced. Of course, now that I picked up the phone to call her doctor she seems fine. But at 4 am this morning she was a lot of pitiful. Poor baby.

Did I mention - I'm tired!

Pregnancy... 32 weeks!
My appointment went well yesterday. I gained 3lbs in 2 weeks. Gah! Oh well. We talked about the comments I deal with from everyone about the size of my belly. Mind you, I'm flattered but really I certainly don't feel as small as they make it out! We're measuring right on target and I just cary babies in a way I seem to hide a lot of them, he says... Plus Delaney wasn't huge. But to make me happy he let me schedule one last scan at 36 weeks for a weight check. Woohoo. That's what I really wanted anyway!!! Not much else to report. I'm having a baby shower this weekend and after that I'll be in full blown panic mode to finish what isn't done!

I'd share the latest belly picture of me in a bikini but I'm not entirely sure I'm brave enough to share that with the world. If your my friend on Flickr its there to see!