God Bless his sweet heart!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Falling Out

Well, we went and picked our tree, we did it quickly since it was pretty chilly out. The babygirl was just adorable pointing at everyone we looked at. The nursery owner even gave her a "Baby's First Christmas" teddy bear. She thought that was neat.

So now, its in its stand in its place. We'll let the limbs fall out and then on to decorating!!!

The babygirl's stocking from Pottery Barn Kids arrived today. It's bigger than I expected, it should be fun to fill...lots of sippy cups!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Post Holiday Recap... I'm worn out.

Really, why do the holidays have to leave you this worn down. Goodness. It was one busy weekend.

We had three stops on Thursday. Lots of good food. Lots of good dessert. I don't really care to see turkey for another year. The pumpkin cheesecake was a success...yummy. I left what was left at the last stop of the day so they could finish it off!

Then it was Friday - our shopping day! I'm not really into the getting up at 3 a.m. thing - I mean really the sales aren't that good. I did, however, find myself up and in the shower at 5:30. Whoa. By the time the troops were ready and all aboard it was 7:30 (we had to wait on my middle sister who turned out to regret her decision to get up and go shopping with us. Go figure.) I got half of my list scratched off, would have gotten more but the sister just mentioned was making us crazy.

Then it was Saturday - an in-law family reunion. Oh fun. Another early morning, I had to get my rear end out of bed at 6 a.m. This time not so excited. We didn't know there were going to be 18 stops on the way there. (We could have slept another 2 hours and still beat them there.) One stop was breakfast which was okay I guess despite the fact the hubby knocked his jumbo sweet tea all over my lap. Good thing I chose the dark jeans. I ended up just a little sticky. It was a good laugh. And, for the record, the next time the hubby suggest we tag along in someone else's vehicle I'll beat him. I will. Thank goodness his cousin, the host, had a great bottle of wine there. That got me through the afternoon and allowed me to deal with the crazy family members.

Sunday was our usual Sunday activities followed by a trip to the store to get something non-turkey for dinner. The hubby mowed the yard one last time and cleaned out the garage. By 8:30, the three of us were all so ready for bed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tonight's for baking

Tonight I'll be making cookies and Beth's pumpkin cheesecake. I'm planning to modify the crust to a graham cracker crust so hopefully that will turn out well.

We're ordering pizza for dinner and my baby sister is coming over to help. She likes to help me cook. It should be lots of fun with the babygirl crawling around the kitchen. Hopefully, the hubby will have some fun entertainment for her.

And not to forget, we'll be watching Kenny Chesney's special on ABC from the kitchen!

Just in case I don't have time tomorrow... I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a happy shopping Friday! (Because that's where I'll be!!)

Monday, November 21, 2005

There is nothing I hate worse

...than to see a man cry.

I can't take it. It breaks my heart. I don't care if its a complete stranger - its hard to watch. This time was my brother-in-law. He sent the miserable, blah, unhappy, no fun to be around, unhappy, miserable girlfriend on her merry little way last night. Did I say miserable and unhappy? I mean really, I have never seen such. She never smiles, laughs - anything. And she really didn't like me.

It's been coming for a long, long time. I'm just glad he finally came to his senses and its taken care of. No body could take much more... She was turning him into an ugly person. He wasn't even himself anymore. You can't live like that.

But, damn, it was hard to see him cry.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cold, Ear Infection and one Tired, Stuffy Nosed Mommy

I took babygirl to the Dr. yesterday. The weekend was a very long one with a VERY congested baby (chest congestion). I was up all night with her breathing, even though she slept fine. She slowly started to improve but still coughing and keeping a mild fever. Well, by Monday night her fever was up and continued to the morning, plus she woke up screaming - I mean screaming 4 times through the night. No way to calm her but bounce her around until she decided it was ok to stop.

We saw the doctor yesterday, which really stressed her out, and its indeed an ear infection on top of the cold. The congestion is much, much better but she's still coughing. 10 days of antibiotics here we come.

I know I'm not important with a sick baby, but I have a horribly stuffy nose, which in addition to the lack of sleep we've been getting here, has me feeling less than good. I can hardly function with a stuffy nose these days.

Oh and I fear I'll never get the babygirl to sleep alone again...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sick Baby

Enough said. Poor Babygirl.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Road and Radio

Today's the day!

For what, you ask? Kenny Chesney's new CD.

Now everyone run out and get yours. Okay, I realize most of you probably won't do that, but I am! I'm like a kid on Christmas!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Why and Why Not to take the guy grocery shopping

Why Not:

  • I spend way, way more money than usual, he throws all kinds of crap in the buggy like a little kid - except he's not a kid,
  • You ask him what he would like for dinner on let's say Tuesday night - and you get "I don't care",
  • His phone always rings and he walks around talking on it like he's the President (never fails) and all the 'help' he promised to give goes out the window.
  • He bounces up and down the aisles with the baby girl to entertain her,
  • He loads and unloads the truck (that is a big plus).

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's funny how a song takes you back..

Last night I was not in the mood to cook so the hubby suggested we go out for wings. Gotta love that, right? We forgot it was Karioke night! Oh well - it makes for some interesting entertainment to say the least. The babygirl actually thinks it's pretty funny too.

One of the regulars started a song that snapped me right back to my days I spent away from home in college. I didn't realize I was singing along (right along with everyone else) until the hubby mentioned it. It brought back some smiles and some laughs. It's funny how things change.

I was away for a year. I learned alot in that year. People often ask would my life be different today if I'd stayed away longer... Maybe. Maybe not. Do I have any regrets.... No, not really. All I can say is I'm so very happy to be where I'm at right here, right now. Yes, its fun to look back, but even better to look at the present and think towards the future.

I'm so very content in these shoes.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Note to Self: Next Halloween buy more candy.


There were hundreds of trick or treaters through our neighborhood last night. Seriously, hundreds. I had no idea!

We moved into our house a year ago last Halloween weekend. Well, at that time all the houses were not yet complete so we had an okay turnout. Boy did that change. Whoa. We were also taking the babygirl out for a while so I didn't spend a lot of time on picking up candy, but I had quite a lot. I was prepared for last year's crowd, was I ever wrong. We ran out of candy in 1 hour. Holy trick or treaters. So we closed up and took the baby girl out with her baby cousin. People a block over were leaving to go buy more candy. No one was expecting our crowd. One house even put up a sign saying "Sorry, we ran out of candy." YIKES.

It was a fun night, we took our time with the littleone's it was nice to just get out and walk around and enjoy our company. And the parent's really enjoyed that house that was handing out the real size candy bars, no fun size there.

Tell me, Could you resist this knocking at your door?

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