God Bless his sweet heart!

Friday, February 24, 2006

ESPN: Really, do you have to do that?

I really, really hate that they are showing the Olympic results before its even being shown on T.V. Especially women's figure skating, the only event I have any interest in watching. But while I was out eating wings last night ESPN decided to share the news with me, over and over. Sasha Cohen wins Silver.

Thank you, ESPN.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Keith Urban, here I come

My mom has an extra ticket and the hubby and babygirl have a date!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

As for my Valentine -

I woke up to my favorite color roses of all time and a sweet card giving me a trip to get my nails, feet and facial done. That really hit the spot too. I could use all of the above.

The babygirl had flowers too. Some very pretty tulips. They are just about as pretty as the roses, and she happens to think they are really neat.

The hubby got this - (A quick, last minute surprise from his two favorite girls.)

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I really love this day. We don't go overboard and over the top. We keep it pretty simple and just appreciate each other. I hope you all have a wonderful day with the one's you love.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Baby Girl has a Valentine

None other than the handsome T, Mrs. Fun's baby boy!

Isn't it sweet?

Friday, February 10, 2006

10:00 a.m. Tomorrow -

My tickets go on sale to see this man!!! Whew.

Call me what you want, but I luv him. ;)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Way Back Wednesday: Not forgotten

I've been a Way Back Wednesday slacker for some weeks now. This due to the fact of my lack of Way Back Wednesday material, since my parents still have all the good stuff. I was excited to find a picture for this week's assignment in the one book I have, so here we go.

This week, The Kept Woman, wants us to get a little serious as we'll share pictures of those who we've lost through death or those we've simply lost contact with.

This is my Great-Granny from my mother's side. (I'm the little one being held by my Papa, my Granny to his left, my Great-Granny, my Mom and my Dad.) She is the only Great-Grandparent I ever met in my lifetime. Most of them were already gone before I came along. I was very young but I remember a few Christmas trips and seeing her sitting in "her chair" smiling - that's about all I can remember other than pictures. From what my Mom tells me, my Granny is just like her and knowing that tells me she was an amazing woman.

I don't have any photos of my Dad's Grandmother. But, I specifically remember the night my Grandmother got the call from South Carolina that she was gone. We lived next door at the time and that moment we went over and I saw my Grandmother's face buried in a pillow crying is what I always see first when I think about my Great-Grandmother's death.

Although, I don't have a picture handy. I recently lost a childhood friend in a tragic accident in December. I still see her face. I remember those fun, childhood times. They won't go forgotten.

Did you play???

Monday, February 06, 2006

Project: find birth control

That's right. Somewhere... Somehow... I've lost my birth control pills. How does that happen? Have I really lost that much of my mind?

I swore I packed them for our trip to Ft. Myers. When I went for them, no where to be found. We get home, I go for them... not there. The hubby just shrugs his shoulders. He doesn't care. Oh well, I guess they weren't doing too much for me since baby girl has recently weaned, (they are just the mini pill) and the plan is to try in the spring, so... I guess careful is the word.

I still think he threw them away.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oh my feet -

I nearly broke my foot at the grocery store. Seriously, last night - I'm not even sure how it happened. Three of my toes are numb. I'm able to walk, thank goodness - but it sure does hurt. I have a huge knot on the side of my foot and something just doesn't feel right in there.

I'm always good for something like this. Never fails.

However, me and my aching foot are going to get a pedicure tonight. Maybe they can work out what I did and give me pretty toes? What are the odds?

Whatever they are, its going to be done. We're going South tomorrow for a beach wedding this weekend and a girl knows that you have to have pretty feet for such a thing. Yes, a beach wedding in February. Lovely. Granted its Florida but still... I'm not so sure.